StyleMint by Mary-Kate and Ashley

StyleMint by Mary-Kate and Ashley

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Mary-Kate and Ashley are teaming up with Beachmint, the company behind Kate Bosworth’s, to launch an exclusive t-shirt store, (Wow, that’s a lot of mint.) StyleMint will function a lot like JewelMint except that they sell t-shirts instead of jewelry: each shirt will cost $29.99 and a new collection of shirts will come out every month.

StyleMint’s first collection will be launching in July, but you can go to their website now to get on the membership list. From what I’ve read, the first collection will consist of eight styles of cotton/Modal tees, including crew-necks, V-necks, relaxed Henley and wedge. Each style will be available in different colors such as white, cream, heather gray,navy, light blue and striped. Knits and sweaters may become available in the future.

I really like JewelMint so I anticipate that StyleMint will be just as wonderful. I don’t like to pay $30 for a t-shirt though, so I really hope that the designs are amazing or they incorporate sweaters and knits into future collections. I will definitely check out their stuff, but I probably won’t get a membership unless these shirts are really worth the money.

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