L'oreal Double Extrend Eye Illuminator Mascara

I really like the idea of this double-wand, customized-to-your-eye-color mascara. It didn't do much for my brown eyes though.

This wand is the black base mascara.

This wand has the pearlescent topcoat that is supposed to illuminate your eyes.

The wand did a very good job of separating my lashes for a very natural look, but it didn't fill my lashes out or add any major volume. The "topcoat" is a layer of fine golden brown glitter. I really liked it when I first applied it. I felt illuminated in a way. Though I didn't notice anything, I kept hoping someone would compliment my pearlescent eyelashes, as L'oreal would describe it. But time went on and no one noticed - and I concluded that the pretty topcoat really just took away from the darkness and depth of the actual mascara. This mascara gets a B-.

I also got my hands on the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush:

I absolute love the brush! It's a soft kabuki with a long handle that makes for easy application. I always use my MAC 187 brush to apply my liquid foundation, but I have recently been using a lot of mineral foundation. I think this brush works a lot better for that purpose because it helps me save a lot of product.


  1. Sigma brush looks so adorable! I want to try it so much:)

  2. What a cute shirt!! :D
    Aww, I'm sorry to hear that about the mascara. I've been wanting to try a mascara that had some sort of illuminating affect, but they seem to be getting low reviews!

  3. I also received this monkey t-shirt but gave it to my boyfriend, it's so cute! The Sigma brush looks great too (=