SherrieBlossom IceBox Review and Dupes

Makeup organizers are amazing to have if you own a lot of makeup and enjoy displaying them. Makeup collectors and makeup artists tend to own artisanal displays. SherrieBlossom capitalized on that and came out with their very own celebrity endorsed SherrieBlossom IceBox. SherrieBlossom offers many IceBoxes, including clear icebox, skinny icebox, and special edition ones. These cases are simple yet allow makeup to be displayed in a clean and chic way.

The downside to them? Definitely the price. Oh, the price. But are they worth it? That depends on your budget. If purchasing the box leaves you with no money to fill up the icebox with actual makeup, stay clear of SherrieBlossom. On the other hand, if you have they money to collect makeup designer... you might as well fork it up for a designer box.

[caption id="attachment_3307" align="alignnone" width="960"]SherrieBlossom IceBox SherrieBlossom IceBox via ClearIceBox Facebook[/caption]

You don't have to fork over the money that easily though. Sometimes (although very rarely) SherrieBlossom offers coupon codes or discounts. They usually don't or when they are only about $15 off $100, but even that is better than nothing. I would steer clear of Amazon though, as a lot of readers have reported getting really bad knockoffs from them.

If you want alternatives or dupes, keep an eye out at Target stores. We have seen a lot of good clear makeup collection holders and displays from there. A lot of there things are seasonal or rotating, so they are usually not in stock. You have to keep searching and hope for the best. The best option is to shop stores as the quality of online products this simple is difficult to judge. It is just a clear box after all.

Amazon also has an acrylic box of similar style for $99. It's not much cheaper, but it ships free.

Acrylic Box makeup holder dupe


  1. I wish I had one but I am too poor... hope they have a thanskgiving or cyber monday deal!

  2. The IKEA GODMORGON is amazing too...I've found most of mine at marshals and places such as that. They have all held up perfectly with no issues (and I'm not one to be gentle since I'm always running late). I don't believe I've paid more than $9 each.