No April Fools: Sigma April 2015 Coupons & Giveaway Details

Sigma April 2015 10% off coupon

GLOWGETTER »   Take 10% OFF your entire order when you use discount code GLOWGETTER at checkout. Valid thru April 30, 2015.

For additional details on free gifts and shipping, see the 2015 Sigma coupon page.

Latest beauty/home product appreciation

April fools? No, I don't have a good one. But have you guys checked out the patent pending Sigma Spa Mat? The glove was a bit of a hassle to store in the bathroom, but I love the convenience of the mat. And since I have a less than pretty bathroom sink, the pink mat really brightened the scene! (Oh yea, and the addition of something to scrub my brushes clean is an added bonus.)

Sigma Beauty 2015 products and discounts
A pretty mat for cleaning brushes or just for brightening up the bathroom!

Giveaway results pending

On to last month's business - the March giveaway has closed and the winners will be announced this week or sometime next week, depending on my schedule. A new giveaway will be posted sometime after that - but I know I haven't been very good about that.

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