Summer Office Outfits

It’s easy to pile on layers, sweaters and cardigans during the fall and winter. As much as we hope to see the sun and daylight during those seasons, we always have the comfort of hiding ourselves. Now that summer is approaching, we have to put away the cozy oversized sweaters and proper dress pants. No more long-sleeve portofino shirts to cover our arms and shoulders. What now? Luckily, office appropriate summer outfits are easy enough to find nowadays.

Layer a breezy sweatshirt over a shift tank and tuck it all into a slik drawstring skirt.
Madewell Casual Summer Outfit
This pinstripe jumper can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood. For the office, wear a dress top or a light t-shirt to stay cool this summer.
JCrew Summer outfitseasonal office workplace clothes
Dress cooly this summer
Shorts, skirts, dresses, whatever it is you want. It’s all the pattern.