Vince Camuto Judy Bag – Minimizing in Sulphur Spring

Vince Camuto Judy Bag – Minimizing in Sulphur Spring

After years of lugging around large totes and oversized handbags, I’ve decided to settle into something lighter and more compact. My love for the oversized bags remains the same, but my shoulders thank me for switching to the more convenient crossbody bag. My latest conquest is the Vince Camuto Judy Crossbody bag in Sulphur Spring. Vince Camuto is not a familiar designer for me as far as handbags go, but I love his recent designs. This vibrant yellow bag is accompanied by a gorgeous medallion tassel. The Judy crossbody bag is a beautiful display of elegance and playfulness.

Vince Camuto Judy Crossbody  Bag

Vince Camuto Judy Crossbody Review
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My one complaint would probably be the strap. I am not a huge fan of metallic straps as I think they can come off cheap looking. Fortunately, the metallic layer is highlighted only on one side of the leather strap. Still, I would much prefer a sturdy leather strap throughout. Another thing to note is the easily scratched hardware. I only just got this bag, but look at the damage I’ve caused already!

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