Three Summer 2013 Makeup Brushes: Wayne Goss, Sigma, Dior

Expect to see a lot of new makeup brush lines coming out this Summer. Boy, makeup brushes are getting really popular worldwide. Are there any makeup junkies out there without a single makeup brush?

1. Sigma Brushes will be releasing a set of mystery individual brushes!

Sigma Performance Eyes Brushes to be sold individually

Which brush from Sigma’s brush collection do you think will be sold individually? My guess is that the brushes from the Performance Eyes Kit (aff link) will soon be sold separately. This is only my guess, but it seems that these Performance Eyes brushes are the only eye brushes currently not sold individually. And it is about time too! I lose my brushes a lot when I travel and I would love to replace some of them without having to order an entire new kit!

2. Dior Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise Blush Brush is now available.

Dior Blush Brush 2013

Dior’s blush brush from their Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise collection is now available everywhere Dior is sold. Despite the hype, most readers report that this brush is identical to Dior’s regular blush brush save that it has red bristles. I wouldn’t exactly recommend anyone rush out to get this brush.

3. GossMakeupArtist (Wayne Goss) will release his own line of makeup brushes!

GossMakeupArtist Brush Collection Release

This famous makeup artist and Youtube beauty guru is working on his own collection of makeup brushes. We don’t have the exact details as of yet, but he is working hard. His dream is to create makeup brushes that are interchangeable with multiple functions. I already use my brushes pretty interchangeably, but we’ll see where he goes with this!

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