Live Young with Evian: Connect Your Baby-Self

Evian, the French brand mineral water sourced near the √Čvian-les-Bains, lives by its Live Young motto. Their popular Evian Mineral Water Spray is popular amongst the makeup lovers who use the cool mist to rehydrate the skin and to revive makeup throughout the day. (If you ever feel too made up after applying makeup, spray a light mist over the face to give a more dewey and refreshing look.) Water itself is always replenishing, but Evian takes it to another level with their new Baby & Me campaign. Because you can't look youthful forever, but you can always tap into that spontaneous youthfulness. And by tap, we kind of mean that literally.

Cute Evian Dancing Baby Film

Many of you have probably already seen the popular Evian commercial featuring the dancing babies (even though it just launched on April 21st). If you haven't seen the cutely hilarious video, watch it below. You'll find it hilarious - unless you don't like dancing babies. But honestly, who could resist dancing bundles of joy?

As a man walks down the street, he encounters his reflection in the mirror. Instead of himself, however, a baby version of himself is reflected in the mirror. Several characters around him also live the same bewildering experience. Each of them starts playing with their baby self. Being connected in this way with their interior youth creates a feeling of freedom, of letting go, a spontaneous and communicative frenzy.

Evian Dancing Baby Commercial

If you want to join the Live young experience, keep an eye out for a digital app to be available mid-May for Androids, iPhones and Facebook. This app will be able to babify the photo of yourself and your friends, thanks to an advanced facial recognition software.
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  1. I think I just saw this ad on Youtube on Hulu or something. That first baby boy in the video so so cute! I don't know how they get these babies to dance like that!

  2. I'm not sure if they actually hired dancing babies or if they had computer generated help. Regardless, it's cute babies galore!