Three Things to Dress Up a Poorly Decorated Room

I'll admit, I'm not big on decorating. When I was in college, I left the four walls of my dorm room barren and filled up only about half the closet space. A minimalist, I would call myself. Truthfully, I just didn't want to waste my time putting things up only to take them down later. Why move in only to move out? I will live out of a suitcase if I must. That was my logic.

Now that I am considering a more permanent fixture, I find myself eyeing furniture and decoration pieces everywhere I go. I doggy ear magazines that advertise decorations and kitchenware I like, I observe other people's homes and I look at interior design blogs.

Feather Mirror Wall Decor
These mirror feather wall decors reflect light and create interesting reflections on the wall.

Bird Print Wall Art Decor
This bird wall print a personal favorite. It is a poor man's art, but art nonetheless.

Natural tea candles are better for your health
These natural, scentless tea light candles look great in any candle holder and are (probably) less toxic to the respiratory system than regular candles.

So yes, I guess I do like decorating. As I haven't found my ideal home to settle down in as of yet, I can't exactly plan out my new dining area or master bedroom. For now, I pick up small pieces of goodies here and there to spruce up my otherwise boring apartment.

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