Easy Gel Manicure with Sally Hansen Insta Gel Strips

The Sally Hansen Insta Gel Strips provide a two-step gel manicure you can do at home. The sticker-like strips apply quickly and with no dry time. The strips also remove very easily with polish remover. A starter kit contains the complete set for a full gel manicure: 1 Mini LED Lamp, 16 Gel Polish Strips, 1 Gel Top Coat, 2 Nail Cleanser Pads, Cuticle Stick, File & Buffer, Instruction sheet

Sally Hansen Insta Gel Strips Review

At first I thought the long list of instructions was pretty daunting, but once I read through I realized that the process is simple and the whole procedure is a lot faster than a regular polishing session.

1. Cut and file your nails to the length you like.
2. First, you want to make sure your nails are clean and clear of any substance. The kit comes with wipes.
3. Peel off the appropriate-sized Insta Gel strip and apply to nails.
4. File off any excess.
5. Apply gel top coat.
6. Dry under LED light for 30 seconds. (The LED light turns off by itself so after 30 seconds so you don't have to count.)

Sally Hansen Insta Gel Strips Instructions

The LED light is really cool. (It makes me feel like a mini nail professional.) Remember to apply your gel topcoat lightly so your nails will dry quickly.

My favorite of the bunch is this "Walk the Catwalk" leopard design. You can't really get a design this lovely without stickers - and those usually don't last very long. With this Sally Hansen Insta Gel Strip set, my design looks extravagantly pretty and lasts long.

Sally Hansen Insta Gel Strips Sally Hansen’s Salon Insta-Gel Strips™ is a breakthrough, 2 step chip-resistant gel manicure that lasts up to 2 weeks. Exclusive to Sally Hansen, you can get a fast and easy gel manicure in 2 Easy Steps! Just simply peel and apply. The gel top coat provides a durable manicure and nails appear flawless and shiny for up to 2 weeks. The UV-cured real nail polish appliqu├ęs that are nourished with additives such as Vitamin E and they are removed with Acetone polish remover in 5 minutes.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Sally Hansen via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sally Hansen


  1. That leopard print looks so cute. How long does it last?

    1. It is said to last up to two weeks no problem. I've had mine on for about 4 days so far so good. :)

  2. Replies
    1. The starter kit retails for about $30 and has enough to last you one full manicure. You can buy additional "refill" nail strips to go with the kit for under $15.

  3. Ooh these are adorable! I'll have to give them a go! :)

    Katey, Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

    1. Definitely give it a try if you get the chance

  4. The LED light is a plus. I love quick and easy products because sometimes I don't have the patience. Will be checking it out.