6 Beauty Stocking Stuffers Under $5 - Holiday Gift Guide

You don't have to break your wallet to buy wonderful gifts for every single relative, friend, neighbor and associate. You can stuff stockings plump with beautiful gifts bought at lovely prices. Below are some fantastic holiday gifts for $5.00 or under:

Affordable Beauty Stocking Stuffers 2012

These smooth SPF 30 sunscreen lip balms contain cocoa butter, aloe, vitamin E and come in various yummy flavors such as Banana, Pink Guava, Mango, Coconut, Key Lime and Pomegranate. Toss one of these in every stocking to ensure all lips are soft and forever smiling.

Boscia Gift
This slim, sparkling, pink package of 100 blotting linens infused with the invigorating essence of peppermint fits perfectly into your pocket, handbag, or desk drawer so you can instantly blot away excess oil and pep your face without disturbing your makeup. I am a true believer in Boscia blotting sheets and they usually retail for double the price.

Sephora Gift Guide
Everyone appreciates a portable hand cream for the dry winter season. This eye catching hand cream is made with shea butter, macadamia oil, and marshmallow. Smooth hands mean more hand holding.

Fancy Lashes Gift
These artificial eyelashes are sure to stand out, whether applied or just sitting in the box. They are affordable and easy to pass out to all the lady acquaintances.

EOS Lip Balm Gift 2012
EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm (Bloom.com $3.29)
In a smooth sphere for easy application that precisely glides on lips, the EOS lip balm containsVitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil to keep your lips kissably smooth. I recommended these last year and continue to do so. You can also find these at your local drugstore.

Essence Brush Set
Essence Blush Brush (Ulta, $3.99)
This Essence makeup brush is soft, cruelty-free and good for shading and modeling the face and cheeks. The bright pinkish purple hue is a great bonus that brightens up any makeup collection.


  1. Ella "Fella"11/29/2012 2:26 PM

    Gift guides are usually set at really high price so it's nice to see a truly affordable one. Thanks for sharing Kath!

    1. Ella, I am glad you enjoyed it. I have many more guides coming up.

  2. Soap and Glory makes the best moisturizers!

  3. Yes, I think they've won a few awards for their moisturizers

  4. I have that makeup brush and its really good, though the purple is kind of cheap looking

  5. It looks particularly bad in picture, but not as bad in real life