New Skincare September 2012

I have been traveling and working a lot, which has led to chaotic eating and sleeping habits. My skin has been suffering considerably. I feel like I've aged one or two years in just recent months. I am trying to take better care of my skin through regular exercise, supplements and plenty of water. I am also trying to find new skincare items to change up my regular routine a bit.

I've seen some new items that interest me, particularly the new Nude skincare line. I love the brand to death because their products are always top-notch. Apparently this new line can give your skin the ability to produce its own anti-aging ingredients. Has anyone tried these new products? Let me know if you think it is worth checking out.

Skincare September 2012

I promise to get back to my regular posting schedule soon. I still have to finish up that mascara review and then show you my new hair care products and - haircut!

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