Three Things I Learned on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Three Things I Learned on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Organizing is difficult

organizing your makeup

I am such a disorganized person. I allot time to clean regularly, but it takes me only a few minutes to mess things up (particularly when I am in a hurry).

Skincare is good

skincare and exfoliating

I ran out of my Biore exfoliator so I am using my Neutrogena Naturals one. I have to admit that I really, really love this line. Everything is really gentle. This exfoliator is not as effective as my usual Biore one, but it is so gentle and calms my skin like a little princess. I’ve not much to say about the Origins serum yet, but I am hopeful it delivers on its promise of fading pigmentation.

Best things in life are those lost and found again

Things you lost in life

I dug up my CoverGirl Bistro Burgundy lipstick and am using it regularly now. It’s amazing the things you lose to the bottom of your drawer.

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