Three Things: Custom Palettes, Luffas and JewelMint

Three Things: Custom Palettes, Luffas and JewelMint

I depotted some of my eyeshadows earlier this week and cracked a good few. I squished them, both rectangular and round, into an old Physicians Formula palette and ta-da: my own custom travel palette consisting of Nvey eyeshadows (which I reviewed here) and Physicians Formula matte eyeshadows. I just got sick of “netural” palettes being either too plain or way too glittery.

Homemade custom eyeshadow palette for depotted eyeshadows
Eyeshadows in a augmented Physicians Forumla plastic eyeshadow case.

I have been in love with my loofah/luffa sponge as of late. If you didn’t know, luffas are made from from the luffa plant. If you’re up to it, Wandering Chopsticks demonstrates how to make a good luffa sponge.

Making a Luffa Sponge
This natural Loofah sponge is grown and sold by the Luffa Farm. How cute is that?

When I received my Setting Sun necklace, I was afraid. Afraid it would be too big, too gaudy, too costume-y, too much. When I realized how well it paired with a plain sweater, it became a personal favorite. Now I’ve broken it and lost the piece it came with too. It’s amazing how losing one little piece of the necklace ruins it completely.

Broken JewelMint Setting Sun Necklace
Goodbye JewelMint Setting Sun Necklace

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