Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Swatches & Review in Vanilla

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation is not matte, but it sure makes my skin dull and lifeless. I know there are slight shimmers built into the foundation, but they seriously do nothing for me. That is partially because the color I bought is too light for me, but also because it's a dense foundation - despite the light to medium coverage. PhotoReady is advertised to grant a dewy glow, but it feels heavy and greasy instead. I feel like a clown when I apply it generously. Of course it does it's job when you're posing in front of the camera, but I would rather go for something water-based for the summer.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Review
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Swatches in 002 Vanilla

This foundation was rather pale for me when I initially bought it, but it's completely unwearable now after my vacation at the beach. It looks like this foundation will be stored away until winter comes. And trust me, winter is coming. (Game of Thrones, anyone?)

Revlon PhotoReady Swatches
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation heavily swatched.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Review Summary
Review by Katherine on June 5, 2012
Color: There are slight shimmers in this foundation to help achieve the "glow" you want in a photo. Despite that, I find the foundation too dull. I wish the shades would be expanded, although the shades are is decent for a drugstore foundation. For this type of foundation, you really can't get away with a shade that does not match well. Despite being "PhotoReady," it will make you look ghastly.
Application: This foundation applies smoothly and blends easily with hands or brushes. I don't recommend building it up. It is a medium and heavier foundation, but too much of it will make you look too cakey and made up.
Packaging: I love the pump on the foundation. It's efficient and sanitary!
Value: Decent price and worth it if you find a good color match.
It is a good foundation, but make sure to select the perfect match for your skin. 4/5


  1. I've had horrible luck with drug store foundations, especially Revlon foundations. I bought Revlons Colorstay foundation because on a large makeup blog it was touted as being great. The foundation was really liquidy and the bottle had a large opening i wasted so much product, and the color stunk. It was a tad too yellow but the other choices were too light or too dark. Since then I've refused to buy drug store foundation

    1. Yes, drugstore foundations are either a hit or miss. I love Revlon for its eyeliner but that is probably it.

  2. i love colorstay and colorstay active but I don't think I wouldn't try this since it has shimmer in it and I have quite oily skin

  3. This is a great product, my sister recommended it for me to use for my wedding photos, and they turned out fantastic!

  4. Winter is coming, lol. I don't want to think about that. I wanted to try this foundation, but I'm not too sure after the reviews I've been reading.