Origins Samples & 5 Vegetables Drink

Origins Samples & 5 Vegetables Drink

I vacationed in Atlantic City the past week and stopped at the Macy’s in Center City Philadelphia on the way back. Nancy from the Origins counter was the biggest sweetheart in the world. She even offered me a complimentary facial and gave me a sample of the Origins A Perfect World Guardian. I fell in love with the product as soon as she applied it to the back of my hand. My hand felt so supple and soft that I could not resist touching it. It is similar to one of those Lush hand treatment experiences. If you’re ever in the area, definitely stop by to visit the ladies at this Origins counter.

Origins Skincare Sample
Sample pot of Origins A Perfect World Age-defense skin guardian with White Tea

Nancy was very excited to let me know that Origins is very loved by many beauty bloggers. She didn’t say magazines or editors, but bloggers! Origins is a brand name loved by magazine editors and celebrities alike; I’m proud to know that the blogger seal of approval is held in great esteem by them.

Vegetable Diet Juice
Mysterious Green Drink

The drink above doesn’t look too appetizing, does it? That’s because it isn’t. I was on my way to making a fruit smoothie this morning when I decided that I would instead use up the random stale produce in my fridge. I added green apple, pineapple and green bell pepper. The drink is not as horrible as it looks and sounds since the pineapple masks most of the scent.

Many years ago I loss weight drinking daily a fresh vegetable mix consisting of blended green apple, green bell pepper, celery, cucumber and bitter melon. I drank a big glass every morning and effortlessly loss 5 pounds in less 2 weeks. I know people who claim that this specific combination eases weight loss. Personally, I think the weight naturally dropped because the big glass of yuck filled me up with nutrients and  made me lose my appetite. It also made me feel very energetic throughout the day. I eventually stopped drinking the concoction partly because I hated cleaning the juicer, but mostly because I naturally have low blood pressure. The daily consumption of celery lowered my blood pressure more than I liked. I guess I could just reduce or eliminate the celery, but I decided to stop drinking the disgusting drink altogether.

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