Homemade Rose Oil

Did you know that June is National Rose Month? Celebrated as a symbol of love, beauty, and hope, the rose was officially declared as the National Floral Emblem of the U.S. by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. With roses across the country in full bloom, now is the perfect time of year to create your own Rose Oil. One of the most widely used essential oils in perfumery and beauty care; Rose Oil can be used for everything from moisturizing your skin, to curing wooden furniture.

Make Rose Oil

Homemade Rose Oil:
  1. In a food processer, or using a mortar and pestle, grind rose petals to release fragrance
  2. Place pulp into a mason jar with an airtight lid
  3. Cover rose petals thoroughly with olive oil or canola oil – ensure that the oil reaches through to the top layer of pulp
  4. Push the rose petals down with a wooden spoon
  5. Seal the mason jar and place in a cool, dark place for two weeks
  6. Strain the oil into smaller containers and seal.
In addition to using Rose Oil as a moisturizer and to cure wooden furniture, you can also use for a fragrant bath.  Adding sea salt to the mixture creates an aromatic and effective exfoliant.


  1. Rose oil is really geat for skin care! I love it!

  2. might be better to use mineral oil--not baby oil--to prevent it from going rancid or developing botulism (not that you would ingest it).

  3. I will definitely try this in future,thnx :)

  4. I've tried it with mineral oil, I think it's much better because its smell is very neutral.

  5. I love DIY recipes... the question is if I'm going to get my act together and follow through. lol :)

  6. I've never used rose oil, would be interested to try!

  7. This is my favorite scent...I used to love the Rose scented lotion Victoria's Secret use to sell but it discontinued :( I will definitely make some, thanks :)

  8. I love rose oils, smells amazing!

  9. I had no idea you could cure your wood furniture with rose oil. Thanks for the tip!