Blogging Tips: Google PageRank Update July 2012

Google PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting (0-10) to each element of a hyperlinked website with the purpose of “measuring” its relative importance within the set.

Improve Google PageRank 2012

The second Google PageRank update this year is expected to occur between the 28th of June through the end of July 2012. Even though Google Panda updates have made Google PageRank almost obsolete, many advertisers and marketing agencies still rely on Google PageRank (or even the rather useless Alexa) as a tool to measure a website’s worth and popularity. In truth, webmasters should neglect PageRank and focus on page views, unique hits and overall user interaction (ie. commenting and back links). If you have a popular website but still have a poor PageRank, make sure to check your back links. Have you changed your URL? Do you delete pages or rename them? These are among the top reasons a website loses PageRank or does not rank well. Try to remember that PageRank is not indicative of how popular your website really is or how well-liked it is. The rank is really just a number.

Did you know? The term PageRank does not refer to pages in any way but was instead named after Larry Page, the inventor of the algorithm.

Bloggers, do you know what your PageRank is? Do you care? Discuss this among other blogging topics with beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers via the hashtag #blogtrends and #bbloggers on Twitter. #blogtrends meet Mondays at 9PM EST while #bbloggers meet every other Sunday evening.

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  • I think PR is very important as its a grade of your work, are you heading in the right direction? Its like your teacher giving you a report card.

    Furthermore, how important are inbound links really? You can still get to the top of google without them and you don't need inbound links to get a page rank. I've proved this over and over with brand new websites that had no inbound links.

    I got a page rank of 4 on a one month old website with not one inbound links and it was 90% incomplete in its construction.

    • Inbound links prove to Google that your website is trusted by other people. A website that has no inbound links at all is questionable. Although it isn't like Google won't trust wikipedia if wikipedia lost all of its inbound links.

  • I am still trying to get my page off the o page rank list. I have searched everything and it has taken me three yeas to finally get somewhere. I am anxiously awaiting this new update. Most companies wont even look at you to do marketing unless you can get a page rank of 3 -4. Thanks for the advice I stop in here often to check it out. If you want to see the website, its: Thanks 🙂

  • I've heard about that (and Alexa) but didnt have a clue what it really is. its a little bit clearer now, but frankly i dont care much about that. numbers are just numbers, without a soul. but it depends on what do you want to achieve with your blog..

    • A backlink is simply any incoming link to your website. When someone links your website, you gain a backlink and it helps your website become more "popular" with search engines.

    • Yes, but you still have the "nofollow" backlinks and the "dofollow" one's. "nofollow" actually keep the search engines from finding you, but can still give you traffic. Dofollow are more popular, however, too many of these and you could get slapped.