$10 PayPal or $15 Sigma Gift Card Giveaway

$10 PayPal or $15 Sigma Gift Card Giveaway

Hey readers! As my laptop is still broken at the moment I am not able to write much. For today, everyone has the option to win $10 in PayPal or $15 Sigma Gift Card (your choice). To enter this giveaway, just enter a comment and leave one form of contact such as email address, Twitter name, blog URL, etc. Click here for more details on the June Giveaway A Day.

Paypal Giveaway
Win $10 sent via Paypal or $15 sent via Sigma Gift Cards.

P.S. I really hate Paypal, but have become so dependent on it. I wish there were alternatives that were just as popular. Paypal makes it so fast and convenient to send and receive money, but the company itself has such poor customer service and business ethics. In case anyone is interested, paypalsucks.com states many user complaints.

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