Favorite Personal Fashion/Lifestyle Blogs

Favorite Personal Fashion/Lifestyle Blogs

Buy Now Blog Later
buy now, blog later is a shopping blog written by Laura (also previously known as lollipop26). Laura’s beauty and fashion reviews are both quirky and honest. Her entertaining writing is lighthearted yet intimate and allows readers to live (and shop) vicariously through her blog.

Cupcakes and Cashmere
Cupcakes and Cashmere is where Emily shares the details of her personal life as well as her advice and wisdom on home organization, fashion, beauty and cooking. She is a beautiful gem, both inside and out. Her photographs are top quality and the writing that accompanies them brings life into every shot.
A Cup of Jo
A Cup of Jo is written by the sweet, amiable Joanna. As a writer, a mother and a wife, Joanna shares some of the most fascinating stories and tidbits of her life. She’ll blog about anything from fashion to bikes to yummy treats for the little ones.

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