How to wear foundation that is too light or dark for you

Most of us have done it: We see a foundation, fall in love and impulsively order it without matching the correct shade. Maybe there is no correct shade or maybe your skin color is drastically different throughout the year. Regardless, here are some things you can do with foundation that is not quite your color:

1. Perhaps the easiest thing to do with a foundation that does not match is to mix it with another one. I mix a good majority of my foundations throughout the year. My Bare Escentuals foundation is way too golden for me, so I brush it over a lot of my warmer foundations.

What to do with foundation that is too dark

2. If your foundation is too dark, you can use it as a bronzer instead. I currently use Bobbi Brown's foundation stick as a bronzer and am absolutely in love with it. Because it is a foundation (or perhaps because it is Bobbi Brown), it applies very smoothly and gives my skin a natural contour.

Foundation that is too light

3. Consider using your foundation as a concealer. My Clinique foundation is too light and pink for my skin, so I use it to conceal spots. Luckily it contains salicylic acid, so it not only conceals my blemishes, but cures them too.

Foundation is too dark to wear

4. Use your foundation as an eyeshadow base. This will not work with all foundations, but my Bobbi Brown stick foundation seems to be holding out pretty well as a base.

Of course when you realize that none of these things will work for you and there is absolutely nothing you can do with your foundation, donate it to a friend, a charity - or simply sell it. There is no use letting perfectly good foundation go to waste.


  1. Great tips..I have a 4 in 1 stick that doesn't work for me so use its eyeshadow base...only to use it up!

  2. omg thank you! some really nice ideas :)

  3. Never thought of that. Great ideas. I normally use Bare Minerals warmth and apply above my foundation if its a bit to light for me. It works really well :)

  4. Great ideas, I've been doing some of it sometimes especially the bronzer one. :)

  5. I like these ideas! I hate letting foundation go to waste.

  6. Wow...I never thought to these ... Thanks for great tips =)

  7. Great ideas.....thanks =]