Nude Skincare Summer Splash and Review

I think Nude Skincare has become my new skincare line. I love using natural, eco-friendly products that are free of preservatives and harmful ingredients. The products feel light and gentle on my sensitive skin and very importantly, do not block my pores. Things that really hydrate and protect tends to block my pores - but with Nude Skincare, my skin breathes with me.

Nude Skincare Intense Moisture Mask ($60)

The instruction on the Moisture Mask states that the mask can be applied and then washed off, but I see no problem with using it purely as a moisturizer. I have worn it on multiple occasions as a nighttime moisturizer and as a base under my makeup. It sinks right into the skin and adds intense moisture. I really like it and find it to be the gentlest moisture mask I've come across. The scent on this one is not as pleasant as the other Nude Skincare products, but it fades quickly.

Nude Skincare Moisture Balance ($68)

The Moisture Balance is a delicate moisturizing gel that protects skin while controlling oil. It is ideal for oily or acne-prone skin as it hydrates without clogging pores. It contains milk peptides to soothe and protect against dehydration while hyaluronic acid and pomegranate extract actively hydrate the skin. The argan extract defends against the signs of aging and free radical attack. The moisturizer feels extremely gentle and light while adding just enough moisture for the skin to breathe and be hydrated at the same time. Though it is probably not moisturizing enough for those with extremely dry skin, it is a perfect summertime moisturizer.

Nude Skincare Hydrating Water ($20)

The Hydrating Water smells like rose and contains probiotics to promote good bacteria for the skin. It adds extra hydration to my face. Unlike the Evian Spray, which is only water and nitrogen (which is basically air), the Nude Hydrating Water acts as a gentle toner - except it is more hydrating than stripping. I love it and my only complaint is that the spray doesn't as much spray as spritz in a concentrated area. I understand that it is meant to be applied with a cotton pad, but I really much rather use it as a refresher. I still manage to get away with spritzing it on my face directly. I use it before and after applying makeup and it makes my makeup look a lot more natural (less dry). I will probably get another bottle to carry in my handbag.

The spray on the Hydrating Water.

Nude Skincare products are available at Sephora, Space NK and The empty containers can be recycled at your local facility or sent to Nude to be recycled. I personally will be recycling a few empty bottles soon. I am definitely going to repurchase the Hydrating Water and am looking forward to buying the facial oil and wash.

Have you ever tried anything from Nude Skincare?

Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent to me for testing or reviewing consideration. I am neither paid nor compensated for my opinion. My priority is always to my readers and I express only my honest opinion in every post.


  1. Interesting. Kinda wanna try it out but not sure I want to spend that much :/

  2. Amiee,
    The moisturizers are a little expensive to start out. I would recommend trying out some of their less expensive products first to see if you like the brand.

  3. The Evian spray was god awful. I like the sound of this one

  4. Kristina,
    I agree, the Evian spray is such a rip-off. It was my biggest regret purchase.

  5. I actually just started using the Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum. It is absolutely divine! I was very hesitant to spend that much on such a small bottle, but I am completely smitten and so is my skin :)
    I might have to try everything you mentioned! :)

  6. Anna,
    I saw the Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum on their website. Everything they sell sounds so good, but I can't afford it all. I am having a hard time picking out exactly what I want to get. I might have to follow your recommendation too. ;)

  7. i've tried some of their make up, so far so good... i love their brushes, soooo soft! haven't tried their skincare though, i need to browse through the dept store more often (i'v eonly seen the ones in a black container tho)

  8. Lily,
    I had no idea they even made makeup and brushes. Where did you see it?