Penpal Bloggers?

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Do you want to send a fellow blogger a mini care package? You'll get one in return! -- I am just throwing an idea out there. If it gets enough interest, it'll happen. If not, maybe next time around.

The package will mostly consist of a really long letter. Make it warm and thoughtful! You will also attach to the letter a small gift for your pen buddy. The gift is just for thought, so keep it under $5 and don't expect anything more in return. The little gift will most likely be something you want to recommend or think the person would really enjoy. The thought is the most important part! If you give your partner random junk you have lying around the house, we'll find out and won't like you for it! :( Please don't do it! We want to like you.

I am only going to accept active beauty bloggers with a decently reputable blog. The reason being, I don't want to risk getting a flaky person involved. I will personally verify every blog and blogger to make sure we're all good, homey people.

If you (really, really) want in on this program, email me ( your name and blog. Once I get the full list of bloggers, I will send it out. I will then email everyone to finalize things and to ask for mailing addresses. You will have the opportunity to tell me if there is a particular blog you don't want to work with. I will make sure you guys don't pair up in any way, no questions asked. Otherwise, I will match you up with a fellow blogger. You will not know who got you and I ask you do not share who you have. It will be a surprise when the person gets your letter!

Privacy Stuff:
Your privacy matters a lot! I will only give your mailing address to that one single person who is responsible for sending you your package. After this program is over and everyone is happy, I will delete all addresses, information, and relevant emails.

If someone does not keep up her end of the bargain, please let me know! I want to make sure every person enjoys this little exchange. And because I set this up, I will make it happen.

I am going to try to pair you up with someone in your own country (just to keep postage cheap). If you have a preference for international exchange, let me know. I can't make promises, only effort.

Expected Timeline
Now-September 1st: Sign up
Septermber 2nd-10th: Send me your mailing address
September 11th-12th: You get your assigned Pollyanna.
September 13th-October 11th: Send out your care package!

The reason I am giving so much time to send out your package is because I know many of us are busy, but more importantly, I want you to take some time to read the other person's blog and get to know her before writing to her and sending her a gift.

Please only sign up if you really, really want this! I can't emphasize this enough. You have to want to write a long, thoughtful and caring letter. It will probably involve you reading the other person's blog and learning about her. You will have to send a small gift too! More importantly, you have to have a light heart, and don't be disappointed if the letter or gift you get isn't what you expected. You should have fun writing your letter, getting to know someone by reading her blog, and then picking out a gift for your new friend. You might gain two friends in the end! (The person you are writing to and the person writing to you.)


  1. I LOVE this idea! I would love to participate! Look for an e-mail from me very soon! :)

  2. MaryElizabeth,
    We'll be very happy to have you join! :)

  3. Such a great idea, its like a glossybox/birchbox only from fellow bloggers !!

  4. Shopping,
    Yep, and oh the letter!

  5. I would do it!
    But I'm not really a beauty blogger, I'm more trying to learn about the more girly stuff.

  6. wow.. awesome Idea.. I am joining :)

  7. I've already gotten pretty good responses from some bloggers. I think this is really happening!

  8. Your blog is full of beauty ideas. I love it.