Breaking Up with T-Mobile: A USCC Love Story

I have been a T-mobile client for many years because their plans are moderately cheap. The customer service isn't great and the coverage can be awful at times, but I've stuck through out of frugality and convenience. Last August, I moved into my own apartment and discovered that my T-mobile reception here was almost nonexistent. In fact, I got zero reception in my bedroom! If I wanted to send a text, I would have to step outside or leave the phone by a window. As I have to manage work, classes, blogging and all - I really couldn't do without a functioning phone.

I eventually broke down and signed up with US Cellular. Many of their plans are a little more expensive, but include lots of features and benefits - like free incoming calls, texts and pictures. Since there are no requirements to renew contracts unlike most other carriers, I didn't hesitate to sign with them. I haven't yet experienced a drop call or any lack of signal. As long as they keep the service, I'm sticking around.
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I’m a happy U.S. Cellular customer and I’m not alone. They have the highest satisfaction rating of any national carrier. If you want to know more about why I chose them, visit their website. Or you can like them on Facebook to receive special offers on new phones.
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  1. I have tmobile and I really don't like.. no signal when I travel!

    1. Yes, I am glad to be done with them!