Sigma Beauty Affiliate Tips

I have been a Sigma Beauty affiliate for only a short while, but the experience has been truly rewarding. I was sent a brush to try as soon as I signed up. (Free gifts are no longer sent to affiliates.) Sigma brushes are quality brushes that practically sell themselves. People buy brushes because Sigma has professional, affordable brushes and superb service.

Here are some tips I find useful in respectfully advertising for Sigma.

Share Sigma with everyone you know.
Tell your friends and family about Sigma. Show them the quality brushes. I share my affiliate link with everyone I know. I advertise to my coworkers about the free gift and any available discounts. I bring all of my Sigma brushes to beauty events and socials. When I email my club members or friends, I attach my affiliate link to my signature.

Share your code on the web.
Share your affiliate link on your blog, facebook, etc. If possible, share your banner in your RSS feed so your subscribers can see. Some forums allow you to have a few links in your signature. (Do this respectfully and never spam!) I like to attach my affiliate link to my email signature so people will know about the free gift, discount and premium brushes. Whenever people ask where to find professional makeup brushes, I offer Sigma as a choice. Join forums, chatrooms or wherever there are people.

Network outside the online beauty community.
Due to the popularity of Sigma with YouTube gurus and beauty bloggers, most people in these communities have heard of Sigma brushes. Talk to your coworkers, clients, or ask your family to help you reach out to people. You can easily share links offline by offering business card - or by obtaining emails so you can send your link through email.

Throw some makeover parties.
Any MaryKay or Avon representative can tell you that this is the most effective method of advertising a  beauty product. I use my Sigma brushes on all the girls I do makeup on. This really gets them interested. New members love seeing a beautiful set of professional makeup brushes, so I let them know about the low prices and discount.

Be considerate about your advertising to keep the trust.
More importantly, use your brushes often. You have to love what you sell. People will only buy from you if they trust you. Show them that you really like Sigma and that you genuinely know they will too. Don't be a walking billboard. Share your experience and then slip in the affiliate link.

Consider recruiting affiliates.
If you don't think you will always have the time to network and make your own sales, consider recruiting Sigma affiliates under your link. You will gain 1% for each of their sales. That isn't nearly as much as 10%, but you are also not doing the advertising or work. Consider this the passive way of earning money.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. We are proudly affiliated with Sigma.

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