JewelMint Sea Breeze Earrings

JewelMint Sea Breeze Earrings

I’m showing you another JewelMint purchase. I’ve been rather obsessed with them lately and bought about four new sets. I’ll do a separate post on all of my JewelMint purchases.

I didn’t get JewelMint’s Sea Breeze Earrings when it first came out because I thought it looked rather cheap. It wasn’t until it was sold in a set with the Midas ring (2 for 1 special) that I bought it. Boy, am I glad I did because it is now my favorite pair of earrings. I like it even more than my beloved Oyster Earrings.

JewelMint Sea Breeze Earrings
JewelMint Sea Breeze Earrings from their May Collection

JewelMint Sea Breeze Earrings Sale
The woven rope design features frayed ends and a series of three knots.

On a totally unrelated note, mosquitoes are destroying me this summer! Right after I took this picture, a giant mosquito bit my face. I had a bite on my leg yesterday that swelled up to the size of quarter. Why me?

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