Pause for Charity

Pause for Charity

I vow to take a pause next time I am about to spend money lavishly; I will consider buying one less item and doing one more good deed.

As a lifestyle blogger and avid shopper, I find myself obsessing over material things. I spend countless hours admiring the newest trends and I spend a good portion of my paycheck on new shoes and makeup. Beauty is a fun hobby for me and I enjoy it tremendously – but sometimes I forget about some important and less perfect aspects of life.

I know that I am fortunate enough to have the leisure of enjoying beauty, fashion and art. I do realize that there are women much less fortunate than myself who suffer from illnesses and diseases. Women are diagnosed with breast cancer everyday. In 2009, approximately 40,170 women were expected to die from breast cancer. What about them? What about their children, husbands, and friends?

I am not trying to guilt myself or anyone else into giving up hobbies or passions. I just want to pause. Next time I want to overindulge and spend my entire paycheck on a new wardrobe or line of makeup, maybe I will pause and I will think:

Put down one lipstick, one scarf and make a difference. Use that money for something greater than myself. Whenever I indulge, I can make a small donation to charity – for someone, for everyone.

And I make that vow today: to take that pause.

Now, I am that typical “poor” college student with student loans and debts to pay. I am in no way rich or have money to spare, but somehow I find myself overindulging in fashionable goods. And when I find myself lavishly spending money I don’t really own – maybe I will take that pause. Maybe instead of putting down one lipstick, I will put them all down. Regardless, to the best of my abilities, I will take that pause.

Even one pause a year is infinitely more than nothing.

The charity I support is breast cancer research at Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. I made a Pause for Charity donation page with them so I can donate to the research fund whenever I take my pause. I encourage those are interested in this cause to consider supporting. I know not everyone can make donations, but any sort of support goes a long way. If you are interested, you can click here to visit the donation page to make a charitable donation to breast cancer research.

Alternatively, you can donate to any of the hundreds and thousands of charities out there. Or maybe you can just take that pause and consider doing something nice for someone else today.

Feel free use any of these buttons (or make your own) if you would like to show your support:

Pause for Charity
<a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”spend less and love more”><img src=”” alt=”Pause for Charity”></a>

Pause for Charity
<a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”spend less and love more”><img alt=”Pause for Charity” src=””></a>

Pause for Charity
<a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”spend less and love more” ><img src=”” alt=”Pause for Charity”></a>

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