Everyday Minerals, mark., Mandee

I meant to post this yesterday, but blogger was down all day. So upset! Anyway, on to happy things:

In the mail today was a package from Everyday Minerals

I love mineral blushes! Can't wait to try everything.

Look out for a review of these babies.

My $20 mark. kit. More on these things later.

The eyeshadow comes in a separate box so you can pop it into the case.

Pretty good magnetic pop-in case. Eyeshadows are interchangeable.

Excellent pigmentation, but poor lasting power.

I also bought a dress, a shirt and a little crop cardigan from Mandee today.

This is perfect for pairing with dresses in the spring time!

I love the color and lightness of fabric.

I like to wear these shirts with a black tank top inside.

A little dress on sale for $9.

Putting it away for another day. :)

Disclaimer: I bought the clothes from Mandee and the makeup from mark. The Everyday Minerals products were sent to me for reviewing consideration.


  1. Love the clothes. What a steal for that dress at $9. By the way, that is a beautiful quilt you have on your bed! Did you make that??

  2. Haha no, I didn't make it. My mom bought it for me a long time ago. It has been so many years and I still love it!

  3. The eyeshadows look pretty (=

  4. Thanks Gaby, I wish they stayed pretty - but they don't for long.

  5. These stuffs are all great! My friend got a boutique and she sells make up and some stuffs too. I am quite skeptical if mineral make-ups really has a good effect on the skin...I haven't tried to apply some yet.
    Shanelle A.

    1. It's good to be skeptical about these things. :)