New Jewelry: Jewelmint, Etsy

JewelMint Sweetheart Ring
I couldn't resist this Jewelmint Sweetheart Ring from the February collection!

JewelMint Sweetheart Ring review
The engraving in the back adds a touch of elegance.

It's truly a unique design and I love it!

JewelMint Kate Bosworth
As worn by Kate Bosworth.

Sideway cross necklace
I bought this sideways cross necklace from Lily Lawson on etsy.

sideway cross necklace dupe height=
It's a really subtle, barely-there kind of jewelry that I can wear daily.

I was not going to continue with Jewelmint, but I couldn't resist the ring. It is so cute and unique that it really stood out to me. I ordered it in a size 7 to wear on my middle finger, but it was still a little loose. They still have a few in stock, so I say size down if you are going to get it.

I received my necklace from Lily Dawson within two days of placing my order. She even customized the chain from 16" to 15" for me free of charge. At $26 with $3 shipping, the necklace is a little less than Jewelmint jewelry. Thanks Lily!

Disclaimer: I bought everything myself. Honest opinions as always.


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  2. Hey, you're back! I missed your posting!

  3. Thanks Renée! I hope to be back blogging on a regular basis :)

  4. glad your back!! <3 that ring is super cute!

  5. i love that ring!:)
    love the blog, you got a new follower!:)

  6. That’s really a very nice jewellery over have a new follower.Thanks for the information.

  7. Lareina Ivens5/17/2013 10:26 PM

    I love the heart shape ring,so romantic。