Chanel Temporary Skin Art

Chanel Temporary Skin Art



Chanel Tattoos

I’m bad.

I couldn’t resist getting these limited edition Chanel tattoos. They’re so elegant and dainty, so pretty and oh so Chanel. I’ve always had a sort of liking of temporary tattoos, but they can come off as childish and cheap. These ones are supposedly high quality and can outlast a few washes. At $75 a pack, these skin art are certainly not cheap. They come in a pack of 55 tattoos, so I shared with a friend. I’m not too bad right?


You can wear the authentic Chanel logo without paying the price. (Or is this considered fake Chanel by Chanel?)
I have tried a couple of these tattoos and they apply very easily and come out beautifully sharp. I love wearing multiple “bracelets” around my wrist. I’ll be sure to take some pictures of the application once I’m on holiday.
Hope everyone is hanging on well. 🙂 The holiday is right around the corner.

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