‘Tis the season to wear sweaters

‘Tis the season to wear sweaters

The coziness and warmth of sweaters truly speaks to the holiday spirit. I love to drape myself in sweaters around this time of the year. Here are some pieces I have been eying (refrain, refrain):
American Eagle Snowflake Toggle Sweater
Can’t fail with snowflake patterns.

Victoria’s Secret Cashmere Blends
The luxury of cashmere without the guilt.
ASOS River Island Wool Mix Fair Isle Knit Dress
How can one do without the sweater dresses?

Topshop Knitted Zigzag Sequin Jumper
Because I’m a copy Kat.
I saw Laura (lollipop26) with this sweater and decided that I really wanted/needed it. It’s not my usual pick, but what can a girl do? I’m swooned.
Hope you’re all hanging on well. Only one week until Thanksgiving!

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