Nude Lipstick Comparison: MAC, Revlon, Nyx

Nude Lipstick Comparison: MAC, Revlon, Nyx

MAC Creme d’nude
I am doing a review of my nude lipsticks today. I only have three at the moment, but they are similar enough for a comparison review.
NYX Circe, Revlon Nude Attitude, MAC Creme d’nude
MAC Creme d’nude – This is my favorite nude lipstick. It is a pink-toned opaque beige. It feels super soft and moist upon application. Because it is creemsheen, it is glossy and slips around my lips quite easily. I wish it had more staying power because it will transfer onto any surface it comes into contact with. In addition, it is quite opaque and sheer, so I must apply generously for good coverage. Of course this lipstick does wear perfectly well with a good lip liner under it. This is one nude that I feel comfortable wearing without a gloss. I have never been able to do that with Myth, a satin finish, because it can get chalky alone. Beware of Creme d’nude melting. It is so soft that it will easily melt and break in the heat.
Revlon Nude Attitude – I read somewhere that Revlon’s Nude Attitude is similar to MAC’s Myth or Creme d’nude, so I wanted to give it a try. It’s a matte lipstick, which I adore for the season. I love the packaging, with the see-through plastic on top of the lid. It was all so perfect when I got it. The color looked beautiful when I opened it. Matte always gives a very clean look. As soon as I applied it on my lips, however, I knew that it wasn’t for me. I found it drying, chalky and orange. I understand that mattes will emphasize dryness, but this lipstick practically sucked the moisture from my lips. It also left me with orange nude lips, kind of like a tan gone wrong. Now I know that this is not that case for everyone, but this lipstick just doesn’t cut it for me. I use this lipstick only after a good lip scrub and lots of lip balm in addition to a slab of shiny gloss on top. I won’t be repurchasing though. It’s not bad for a $6 lipstick, but I can do without it.

NYX Circe – This is one of NYX’s round lipsticks that are sold for less than $3 at Cherry Culture. You don’t expect too much from a $3 lipstick, but I always find NYX products to be excellent quality for their price so I gave this one a try. Circe is a brown taupe nude. It is clearly darker than the other two colors with less indication of pink or peach. It is less sheer than Creme d’nude, which I enjoy. It covers my lips up very nicely and gives that covered up nude without the concealer consistency. Surprisingly, this lipstick is extremely soft and moist. It does not dry out my skin when I wear it. The downfall is that it does not last and I have to reapply throughout the day. Regardless, I prefer this over the Revlon Nude Attitude for its color, moisture and price.

From left to right: Creme d’nude, Circe, Nude Attitude

Do you like nudes? What is your favorite lipstick? Please recommend one to me. 😉
I am always in search of a moisturizing lipstick. Like, always.

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