Nail Polish Collection

Nail Polish Collection

I know this is a lot of polishes (that are way too similar), but I am trying to get rid of the ones I never use. Really, I am thinking of something.
OPI 595 Pinking of You,  H18 Heart Throb, D16 Make Love…, V06 It’s Sheer Love, R39 Rose Petals, I48 Get Me to the Taj On Time, W42 Lincoln Park After Dark, D01 Lincoln Park At Midnight, R52 Siberian Nights, C92 You Ottaware Purple, T02 Black Onyx, R53 Never Lon-Done Shopping, I08 Hong Kong Sunrise, A44 Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It, N25 Big Apple Red, H08 I’m Not Really a Waitress, M03 Dusk Over Cairo, I45 Monsooner Or Later
Essie 383 Innocent, 442 Boat House, 265 It’s Delicate, 258 Gladioli, 12 Bordeaux, 237 Well Red, 462 Brilliant Ball Gown, 63 Marshmallow, 218 Brandie Alexander, 446 Plaza Sweet, 43 Germanium, 384 Mademoiselle, 259 Intimate, 50 Honey Bun, 592 E-nuff is E-nuff, 464 Red Carpet Glam
China Glaze Linger 70669, Station 136 Butterscotch, Q.R.S. Unknown
My nail polishes are all pretty similar in colors because I am such a boring person. I think I will do a swatch test on all of them for comparison one of these days. As you know, I love OPI’s Lincoln Part After Dark, so I got Siberian Nights and Lincoln Park at Midnight because they look really similar in the bottle. Verdict? They’re not close enough and Lincoln Park is still going to be my fall color.
My polishes are all OPI and Essie with the exception of three. I wore the lavender purple Q.R.S. polish last week but I seem to have lost the sticker that it came with so I have no idea what the color is called. I am wearing China Glaze’s Linger today. I also have a Station polish in Butterscotch, which is a total disappointment. It’s too thin and orange for my taste. The saving point of this polish is that it doesn’t contain toluene, formaldehyde or any of that junk.
I am wearing China Glaze polish in Linger #70669 today.

I have been steering clear of pink polishes since my pink nails and French tips days, but this color brought me back. It’s a true pink, not one of OPI’s sheer princess pink. I use to love those colors, but I am so done with them. I say this China Glaze one is a keeper.

I’ll try to get clear swatches for you soon. Tell me what nail polishes you like to use.

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