Today's Makeup Routine

I had a little extra time this morning, so I thought I would describe my makeup routine for the day. It is pretty standard, but I think this is a good chance to give my two cents on the products I use.

I start with a freshly cleaned face and apply a generous amount of moisturizer. During the day, I always use my Neutrogena SPF 15 moisturizer. 80-90% of skin damage is caused by the sun. (97% of all statistics are false.)

After my face absorbs the moisturizer, I apply a concealer under my eyes. I am currently using the Maybelline Mineral Power concealer. I apply a dab under my eyes and use my ring finger to gently blend it in. I have pretty heavy dark circles some days and this concealer is perfect for my skin. It has a yellow undertone, which is great for dark, black spots. I also spot any blemishes or redness if necessary.

I follow up with the MAC Studio Mist foundation. I shake the bottle and spray it onto the back of my hand and use a flat foundation brush to apply the foundation all over my face, down to my neck.

To set the foundation and concealer, I use a powder brush to apply my Maybelline Mineral Power powder. The powder has SPF 18, which means my lazy self won't have to reapply sunscreen. The powder is a little dark for my skin, which I kind of like because I apply sparingly. Sometimes I sneak a little extra powder on my brush and use it as a bronzer. (I know, bad, bad girl.)

I then apply a generous amount of primer on my eyelids all the way up to my brow bone. I am using a Jordana primer I picked up from a Cherry Culture haul with my cousin last month. I think it was about $2-3, which is great because it works just fine. It is no Urban Decay Primer Potion or Two Faced Shadow Insurance, but it works great as an eyeshadow base. It is not as pretty a base as a MAC's paint pot, but not any worst in quality.

I take a light beige color from my Color Palette with my eyeshadow brush and apply it all over my lids. I then take a darker brown color to the crease of my eyes. I use a small fluffy brush to blend the the shadow so there is no harsh line. Sometimes I add a darker color to the outer corner of my eyes, but I am trying to go more natural today. I use a Sephora's Aspen Summit eyeshadow to highlight my brow bone.

Next, I use my Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in onyx to line my upper lid and lower waterline. Then I curl my eyelashes and apply one coat of Prescriptives False Eyelashes mascara in plush black. My eyelashes suck at curling, so I have to hold for about 10 seconds twice for each eye. Still, they curl does not hold for long. I am going to try using Dior's eyelash conditioner to help my lashes grow and curl. Let's see how that works.

I pencil in my eyebrows with a Bobbi Brown brow pencil in Mahogany.

I moisturize my lips with Softlips lip balm and apply MAC's Creme d'nude. I love nude lip colors. For a bit of added color throughout the day, I apply NYX lipgloss in coral. The consistency sucks, but I love the color. I don't use lip liners unless I am going somewhere special. I don't think it's worth the hassle.

That is my routine for the day. I usually love to I contour and bronze up my face, but not today. It's Sunday and I just want a fresh face. To highlight, I usually use Benefit's High Beam or ELF's Shimmering Facial Whip in lilac petal above my cheekbones, on the bridge of my nose, under my chin and on my cupid's bow. I will no longer buy High Beam because the Shimmering Facial Whip is $1 and is one of the best highlighters I've come across.

Products Used:
Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer in Ivory
MAC Studio Mist Foundation in Light Medium
Maybelline Mineral Power SPF 18 Powder in Shade 4, Nude
Jordana Eye Primer/Base
Color Palette Eyeshadow in Light Beige
Color Palette Eyeshadow in Dark Brown
Sephora Eyeshadow in Aspen Summit
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Onyx
MAC Creme d'nude Lipsick
NYX Lipgloss in Coral
Maybelline Eyelash Curler
Prescriptives False Eyelashes Mascara in Plush Black
Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil in Mahogany
Body Shop Foundation Brush
ELF Studio Powder Brush
Body Shop Eyeshadow Brush
EcoTools Blending Brush


  1. I should start doing something like this too. I love the way you do your eyeliner.

  2. does the mineral power concealer stay under your eyes? I read a lot reviews saying that it creases a lot

  3. Hmmm, I have never had a problem with it creasing. It conceals my circles all day. I use the concealer sparingly. I pay attention to dab in plenty of powder under my eyes to set it. Though I can see how it could crease if you use a lot of it. =)

  4. My eyelashes never stay curled either - they stick straight out. I'm getting them permed this weekend, it's the only way to curl them! x

  5. Dior's eyelash conditioner? Definitely let us know if this does anything for your eyelashes. I've used LiLash - had fab results, I didn't need to curl anymore and my eyelashes were just crazy long. Love your blog, following!

  6. Bristol, good thought. If all my products don't work, I'll have to consider that too.

    Cafe Bellini, I think it is called the DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. I'll keep everyone updated on how that works for me. I'll need a few weeks to know for sure if it's worth the money. Even though I have to admit $28 is not too much compared to other brands. Especially for a Dior product.

  7. thank's I'm gonna give it a try then =)

  8. Will you do a thorough review on the Jordana primer? I don't see a review for it anywhere.

  9. You're welcome :) Wish you luck

    Anon, I will try to do more reviews in the future :)