Dupes: Mulberry Alexa

Dupes: Mulberry Alexa

The Mulberry Alexa comes with soft oak leather, postman’s lock closure, plaited top handle, adjustable leather shoulder strap and Mulberry rivet detailing. It’s no wonder it also comes with a price tag of $1,150. Sure, you can find deals from time to time, but chances are the authentic bag won’t be sold for much less than one thousand.

Here are some bags that are similar in design without being similar in price:

ASOS Leather Twist Lock Satchel – $117.92

This bag was pretty much made with the Alexa in mind. ASOS bags are well crafted and this one is 100% genuine leather. Sure, it’s missing the Mulberry emblem, but it isn’t missing genuine leather quality and good taste.

Topshop Medium Leather Buckle Satchel – $100
Topshop Washed Two Tab Satchel – $70

Topshop comes out with great designer inspired bags for a decent price. Just look at the bags above: genuine leather and from a reputable and fashionable source. How can you go wrong with a Topshop bag?

Proenza Schouler PS1 – $1595

If you aren’t looking for a cheaper alternative but just something different, let me divert your attention to the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. A medium bag runs somewhere from $1500-1600. Not cheaper, but pretty darn similar to the Mulberry Alexa.

Which bag do you like? Don’t you just love finding a stylish designer-styled bag without the designer price tag?

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