Fashion Friday: Little Gold Ring Collection

I have an ever growing obsession with little gold rings. These rings are wearable, versatile and timeless. I don't make a habit of collecting them, but I constantly find myself pulling out my wallet whenever I see a cute dainty ring. As most of them are affordable little things, I don't find this habit too troublesome. (Surely it's better than that designer handbag phase?)

Delicate Gold Rings
I like to store my delicate gold rings on a baby dachshund ring holder.

Pyramid Ring and Infinity Gold Ring
The golden pyramid ring is from DailyLook and the infinity ring is from eBay.

Thin Golden Leaf and Owl Heart Ring
These are a little dated, but I'm almost certain the golden leaf ring is from ModCloth whilst the owl heart ring is from DailyLook.

midi bow ring
My newest obsession is this golden midi bow ring from DailyLook. The whole midi ring trend took a while for me to get into, but I can really get the hang of it now - especially with this bow ring!

Sugar Bean Love Ring
My beloved ring from Sugar Bean - which is a pretty accurate dupe of the Sydney Evan Love Ring.

Delicate Golden Ring Collection
My favorite gold rings all in one place.

What are some of your favorite things to collect? Are there some things you can't help but pick up?


  1. Lareina Ivens5/17/2013 10:14 PM

    the gold ring is so beautiful!

  2. What size did you get for your ring finger? I just found your blog and want to get this Sugar Bean ring - but want it for my middle finger so am wondering. Thanks!