We Notice When Your Shoes or Lipstick Don't Match

Do people notice shoes?
Some believe that no one cares for shoes, but shoes are one of the main component of any outfit.

Of the things I notice about people, shoes has to be one of the main things. It's strange to think that little shoes dangling off your feet are something to be noticed, but they definitely are. Why else do we match shoes to our outfits or handbag? If you've ever tried to get away with shoes that are not quite the right color for a suit or dress, you'll know the pain. Sometimes I feel like I can't wear certain outfits because the shoes just don't match quite right.

I have pairs of shoes I've only worn once or twice because I can't make it go well with any outfit. It's extremely important to consider how wearable a pair of shoes are before you make a purchase - especially if the shoes are expensive.

Notice Lipstick
If you are wearing lipstick, people will take notice.

It still amazes me that people can be surprised when I comment on their lipstick. The general rule is that if you are wearing a lipstick - any lipstick - people will notice. You speak through your mouth, so people will focus on your mouth quite often. Knowing this, I try to make sure my lipstick is always clean and neat. Pink and red lips are especially noticeable, so I don't try to cheat the system and overdo any lipliner or gloss.

Handbags, purses and similar accessories are some other things we notice, but tend to neglect. Next time you think you are just throwing on a handbag, know that it isn't just anything. It is a part of what you carry. People see it. People notice.

Handbags are a little easier to match and mismatch than shoes, but the versatility and wearability of a handbag should never be neglected. Invest in one that you can use daily or often. After that, you can play around with different styles and colors.


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  1. I'm one of those people whose shoes never match! LOL I hate it because I feel self conscious all the time, but I can't seem to get it together before leaving the house!

  2. Haha, oh we all have those days.

  3. I am very particular with my shoes matching bag. I feel incomplete if they don't match. As for my lips I love them being definied. Some once walked up to me and said that your lips are so definied like it got pulled out the magazine :)
    Great post!