Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape Review

Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape Review

I know everyone has been buzzing about these things, but it is for a good reason. If you haven't already been converted to the Sigma Dry'n Shape, hear me out. It does everything it claims.

The elastic on the Dry'n Shape pulls the water out of your brushes in an upwards motion so that water evaporates from the specially designed Sigma fabric, leaving your brushes dry and protected. This Dry'n Shape will mold your brushes into its perfect form while drying it within 4-6 hours. You can also use the Dry'n Shape as a brush holder or dry your brushes on-the-go. There is no longer a need to dry your brushes upside down or use brush guards to keep them intact. The Dry'n Shape is also washable (although there is no need to wash it as the fabric dries clean completely on its on).

Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape
The quality of the material is excellent. At $29, this would be a bargain even if it were only a brush holder. But trust me, it is so much more than that.

Sigma Beauty Dry and Shape Review
12 slots for your brushes. This will fit even your largest and most dense brushes. The smaller liner and shadow brushes won't fit snugly into the drying fabric, but it is not like you need help drying those tiny brushes anyway.

Sigma Dry and Shape Review

The magnetic closure works fantastically to secure your brushes in place for travel.

Sigma Beauty Dry and Shape Demo
You can throw in any type of brush for a quick dry - even combine brushes in one slot.

Sigma Brush Drying Review
You can even dry your brushes upside down!

how to dry brushes quickly
Before and after putting my blush brush through the Dry 'n Shape. Completely dry and shaped after 4 hours!

How the Dry'n Shape manages to draw water out of the brushes while tightly molding them into shape is beyond me. I never imagined binding a super dense brush together could help it dry. I used to have to stop by my wet brushes every now and then to try to squeeze it back in shape - but whenever I pushed the bristles of my dense brushes together, they would just stick together in a mess of wetness and never dry. I hate brushes that don't dry even if I don't have to use them right away. Wet brushes attract dust and dirty particles more easily!

With the help of the Dry'n Shape, I can wash my densest brushes at noon and have them ready to use by evening. The Dry'n Shape will not tightly hold your smallest brushes in its patented water-drawing fabric, but those small brushes dry within minutes of being wash anyway. If you want, you can combine your smallest brushes and fit them snugly into one slot:

Put them in snugly, but not too tight. Won't help shape too much, but will dry.

This is fantastic tool for makeup artists. The brushes can literally dry on-the-go. The only concern here is that it holds 12 brushes. While that is perfect for regulars users like me, professional artists may need a few more slots for their brushes. Perhaps once the Dry'n Shape becomes a big hit with professional make up artists (which I am sure it will), Sigma will consider expanding it into bigger travel cases or even brush belts!

Sigma Dry'n Shape Review Summary
Review by Handmade Reviews on May 5, 2013
Effectiveness: The Sigma Dry'n Shape dries your brushes within 4-6 hours maximum. Brushes are bound so no dusty, dirty particle can settle. It shapes our brushes without damaging theme. No more flared brushes! 4.5/5
Usability: It is easy to use and can serve as a makeup brush holder. Unfortunately, small eye brushes do not hold well because the slots are made for larger brushes or face brushes. 4/5
Packaging: The packaging is simple and effective. 4/5
Value: At $29 for something that can double as a makeup brush holder, this product is well worth the price. 5/5
Overall, the Sigma Dry'n Shape is effective, original and worth it! 4.5/5

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  1. thisheartisrachel5/13/2011 5:39 PM

    so glad you were able to try it out kat! just ordered mine and can't wait to use it!

  2. Remember to tell me what you think of it :)

  3. Thanks so much for this review doll! It's really helpful! I hate the dust on my brushes when they are left to dry too.

  4. I placed my order this morning, and can't wait to give it a go.

    Thanks so much for the review!

  5. I'm gonna go buy myself one now!!!

  6. I'm glad I could help. :) Please tell me how you like it!

  7. It looks great! i wish i could afford it Grrrr -.-

  8. Thanks for this review! I hesitated to buy or not. But thanks to you, no doubt)

  9. Thanks for this review! I hesitated to buy or not. But thanks to you, no doubt)

  10. Icebreathe,
    Glad I was able to help :)

  11. I was about to take it out of my shopping cart as I'm not sure if it is really a good product to use. (just not sure on how hygienic it would be to dry brushes in this).

    Anyway, thanks so much....gonna put it back in my shopping cart now ^^

  12. I'm sold! Are these as efficient as Brush Guards however? Just earned a new subscriber<3 Love your blog (:

    1. Audrey,
      Thanks for subscribing! They are pretty good brush guards for the face brushes, but aren't tight enough for most eye brushes.