mark Get a Tint Tinted Moisturizer Lotion SPF 15 Review

Last week I decided that I would become a part time mark representative. I shelled out $20 for the starter kit and the "opportunity" to sell mark. The starter kit comes with: moisturizer, makeup bag, mini travel brush set, blush, 2 eyeshadows, body lotion, hookup with lip gloss and mascara. I showcased the eyeshadows in a previous post, but here is my review of their tinted moisturizer. You don't get to pick the shade (which is ridiculous). I will review the other items if I ever get to them.

mark Get a Tint tinted moisturizer  lotion in buff/natural.

Doesn't look natural yet.


Does not blend smoothly at all. Fake tan, anyone?

Less orange when blended in.

This does not apply like a tinted moisturizer. The color and application reminds me of a sunless tanning cream. I am glad that the end result is not as orange as it first appeared, but I am unimpressed. There is nothing lotion-like about this moisturizer. If anything, it is a bit dry and cakey.

I would not recommend this. If you are looking for an affordable tinted moisturizer for the spring, test Covergirl CG Smoothers Aqua for a color match. I've gone through three of those despite the lack of shades. (I have to mix it with other foundations to match.)

Review Summary: mark Get a Tint Tinted Moisturizer
Product: It's very difficult to blend or smooth out and the color is too orange. It feels drying too. 1/5
Lasting Power: I'm not sure as I've never worn it out. N/A
Packaging: The packaging is fine and easy to use. 4/5
Value: I couldn't get any use out of this as it does not even moisturize. Drugstore tinted moisturizers are much better.2/5
Overall: You can definitely find something better. C

Disclaimer: This moisturizer came with the starter kit I bought. I am a mark representative. Please read our full disclosure policy for more information regarding our reviews.


  1. I couldn't agree more! I was less than impressed with this tinted moisturizer as well. If I remember correctly it had an odd smell to it too. Great review!

  2. First, that is ridiculous you don't get to pick your shade! Huh? I know that people reading this will so appreciate that although you just paid your money to be a Rep., you have been thoroughly honest. Great pictures with your review. Thank you!

  3. I think it's a bit synthetic smelling.

    Thanks girls! :)

  4. I will not be buying that! LOL!! I really do wanna try a lotion tan though!!!