Three Random Makeup Brush Containers

You don't need to splurge on makeup brush containers simply because you probably have a few great ones just sitting around your house. A cup, a mug, an empty bottle: if it fits, it sits!

Pen Holder Into Makeup Brush Holder
My trusty pen holder is still an active pen holder, but it does a good job of being a brush holder as well. A little scrubbing and it can become the perfect brush holder. If you are looking for a little cushion to raise your brushes higher or stand straighter, add some beads, marbles or even uncooked rice grains.

Homemade Makeup Brush Containers
I stuff dirty brushes into this little CVS tin can I had leftover from a Christmas project. I chose a small case to remind myself to wash my brushes often - but as you can see, I have been very lazy! On the right is a "pill" multipurpose container previously used for cotton balls. I ordered it from ModCloth a while back and it has since been one of my favorite nerdy Pharma/Chem case.

Expensive Brush Holder are Unnecessary
Brushes are happy sitting anywhere, so don't feel the need to rush out for some new celebrity containers. You can always buy a ceramic mug and decorate it yourself for something new and different.

I was recently contacted by a brand that wanted me to test out their $100+ "brush holder" to recommend it to my readers. It was a kind gesture, but there is no way I could recommend someone to spend $50 on a brush holder, let alone $100. That's just absurd. I would much rather invest that money in a good brush - or dinner!


  1. Shelley Ann Barnes5/21/2013 6:04 PM

    So perfect I love mix and match containers for brushes, lip liners and anything else makeup wise I can put in a container. I started splitting out my nude lipsticks,liners and glosses into a separate container. So the berry, pink, coral, along with the nudes are all together in a single container. Easy to pick my color for the day. Just grab which ever color tone container and pick from any of tone colors in the container...makes getting ready quick. I don't have search through all my lipsticks, liners and glosses to find my color tone for the day.

  2. These are great ideas! I love having a dirty brush container. I am going to scour my house and see what I can upcycle to a brush holder! (PS Welcome to the Social Fabric Community!)