ModCloth Reorganizes My Home (Trays, Storage)

ModCloth is well known for their quirky retro clothing and accessories, but I've recently ventured further into their apartment section to make some purchases for the home.

ModCloth Decorative Tray

Reorganize Your Room with Trays

Firstly, I bought two decorative trays: one tray to store my perfume and one tray (to rule them all) to keep on my nightstand for keys and jewelry that I am too lazy to properly put away. I wish I could have gotten the Squid Thalassic Park Tray, but those get sold out as soon as they are back in stock. Instead, I opted for the Thalassic Park Tray in Octopus (also sold out at the moment) and the Swell Aquainted Dish.

Did I mention I found a new favorite perfume? L'Eau de ChloĆ© has usurped Chanel's Chance as my favorite perfume - for the time being.

ModCloth Home Sleek Home Magazine Rack Review

ModCloth Elephant Organizer Review

For my home office, I bought a Home Sleek Home Magazine Rack and this cute elephant organizer. The latter I bought mostly for aesthetics, but they both look so sleek and adorable on my desk. I might move the elephant one to my night stand as it isn't a necessity on my desk.

ModCloth Paris Box Organizer

Retry Storage Box

Finally, we have my favorite Bienvenue Home Cabinet! I almost didn't buy this one because it appears really useless. It's small and looks unstable. In the end, however, I'm glad I got it. It stores more than I expected, and fits conveniently right where my "CD rack" would have been if I were still living in the 90's. I toss my semi-important things in there and know that I won't lose them.

Disclosure: All ModCloth items were bought with my own money. Some links in this post are affiliate links.


  1. That ModCloth Paris box would be sooo perfect for my boudoir. If only it were still in stock!

  2. It might come back in stock again soon.

  3. wow.. it's your made... ?? that's beutyful..