Little Black Bag Thoughts, Photos: Nila Anthony Doctor Bag and Freestyle Adrenaline Watch

News of the Little Black Bag has been booming all over the Internet as of late. If you haven't heard of it, Little Black Bag (LBB) is loosely based on the Japanese "Lucky Bag Sale" tradition in which retailers sell mystery bags of products and customers buy these bags and trade the items inside with their friends.

To join Little Black bag, you start by taking an interactive style quiz in which you pick your favorite brands and styles. You then pick one item that you would like to purchase. After you buy it ($49.50 for monthly subscription and $59.95 for one time purchase), the stylist picks 2-3 more items for your bag. You can trade the items you do not want with other users and when you are ready, just click ship!

I immediately went for the Nila Anthony Doctor Bag as my first choice. The bag is a gorgeous mint green (although a little bluer on the website) and retails for about $80. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. It can also be made into a backpack, but it seems like you would need to obtain another strap for that. (I have no intention of wearing it as a backpack, so I don't mind that part.) I think the color I bought is sold out, but LBB restocks new bags and products every week.

Nila Anthony Doctor Bag Pictures

I was given two jewelry items, which I can't really recall right now. I wasn't particularly fond of either items and traded them for the Freestyle Adrenaline Watch because I have been looking for a bright oversize watch like this for a while. It's vibrant and such a fun accessory to dress up outfits for the summer. The freestyle watch retails for about $50.

Little Black Bag Freestyle Adrenaline Watch

Trading was very easy and hassle-free. There were so many people online ready to offer this and trade that. It took me less than 5 minutes to finish my trade. Of course, I am not one to bargain a lot so it might be even more fun to trade around and bargain slowly. I've read about people ending up with to 14-15 products in their bag through strategic trading!

It took Little Black Bag less than 5 business days to get my shipment from their California warehouse all the way to my side of the east coast. My package came in a large and secure box. Overall, I am very happy with the whole experience.

Little Black Bag Photos

Little Black Bag Review

LBB Nila Anthony Bag

Nila Anthony Doctor Bag

If you are interested in trying Little Black Bag, I would recommend you get the monthly subscription. It not only costs $10 less, but you can literally cancel your membership at any time. If you want to try it once and cancel it right after, you can do so hassle-free!

Disclosure: This Little Black Bag was provided free of charge for review consideration. Everything written is my own honest opinion. Please read Handmade Reviews' disclosure and honesty policy for more information regarding reviews and full disclosures.


  1. wow that bag is so cute! Would they just sell the bag individually?

    1. LBB does not sell individual items. The bag itself can be purchased for around $80 from other online vendors. If you like it, I would recommend you signing up at LBB. Monthly membership is about $50 (cancel anytime) and you can try out a lot of other products too! It's definitely worth it if you really like the bag.

  2. I think the watch and bag go really well together!

    1. Thanks Addie, I think so too. I actually thought the colors were much more similar due to the color of the bag that was shown on the website.

  3. oh man, that bag is TOO cute! it's freaking gorgeous

    1. Thanks! :) I'm totally obsessed with it!

  4. The bag is gorgeous, I love the color! I can't afford to subscribe, but it seems cool.

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