Collar Necklace Trend and JewelMint Avalon

From runway to sidewalk, collar necklaces are a leading trend. These inspired accessories are popularly sold at local boutiques, department stores, or online at places like Topshop or Etsy. There are literally hundreds of different types of necklaces and collars. Which type do you like the most?

Collar Necklace Trend
A few collar necklaces from Topshop.

I am personally a fan of the rounded Peter Pan collars, but I find that the edgier collar necklaces work better with different outfits. I just ordered the Avalon Collar Necklace from JewelMint. I don't really like to wear these types of necklace on my bare skin, so I would probably use it to add some dimension to plain tees and blouses.
JewelMint Avalon Collar Necklace Outfit
JewelMint Avalon Collar Necklace

The collar necklace look wasn't too popular when it was first introduced, but now it looks to be popular with young teens and adults alike. It seems like this trend may stick around for another few seasons. What do you think of it? Tried it and loved it? Or simply don't care for it?

Collar Runway Inspired Necklace
Collar necklaces are an even bigger deal on the runway this season.