Spring Cleaning and Stress Less Aromatherapy

Spring Cleaning and Stress Less Aromatherapy

This week I firmly decided to clear up some space in my drawers and closets. It’s strange that I think it’s wasteful to toss some things out even though I never wear them. I convince myself that maybe I’ll wear this someday. After all, why waste something in decent condition? The truth is that I will never get to those clothing items. They stay in the back of the closet, constantly overshadowed by the clothing items that I do like. Furthermore, I am a shopping addict. I buy new clothes every season. The closet just keeps piling up and things get lost in there. There are some things I have not even touched in five years. Today I gathered the courage to get rid of all the useless clothes. Most of them are in great condition and a few have never even been worn. I will donate all of them to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Donation: it really eases your mind.

Fashion Spring Cleaning 2012
One pile of things I am donating, including Abercrombie shirts and things I used to like.

After a day of sorting, cleaning and packing, I really need to relax and enjoy the cleanliness of my home. Today, I turned to Aromafloria Aromatherapy. I was sent a kit of their Stress Less line a few months ago. I tried it here and there, but never got a chance to fully enjoy the entire range. I decided that I would reward myself today after all of the cleaning, so I prepared a lovely bubble bath with bath salts. While the bath was running, I gave myself a little rub and massage with the Stress Less Massage Oil. I love nothing more than the wonderful smell of lavender! The wonderful smell of the calming lavender, chamomile and sage from the bubble bath, salt and oil was calming enough to put me to sleep. I’m not one to ever sleep in the bathtub, but I somehow managed to take a little nap today. It was the most relaxing and invigorating bath time!

Aromatherapy Bath
Aromafloria Stress Less Foaming Bubble Bath and Bath & Body Massage Oil

The Aromafloria Foaming Bubble Bath really makes me miss my childhood. It has been so long since I’ve gotten a chance to play with bubbles like this. The bath makes me feel like a kid – but a beautiful, relaxed kid. I’ve used Lush bath melts and bombs throughout the years, but nothing is quite as nice as a decent bubble bath. The two tablespoons of bath salts add quite a lovely twist to the traditional bubble bath. I haven’t had a bath this indulging for so long. All I’m missing now is some hot chamomile tea!

Aromafloria Stress Less Review
Aromafloria Stress Ocean Mineral Bath Salts and Foaming Salt Glow Body Polish

I ended my long night with the Foaming Salt Glow Body Polish. The final result is baby smooth skin – and I love, love, love it. I am extremely satisfied with how I chose to spend this day. Maybe tomorrow I will spend some time to rearrange the house and then let myself have another bubble bath. How do you like to treat yourself after a long day?

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