Around the World Blogging: Singapore’s Xiaxue

I’m writing an Around the World Blogging series in which I feature influential bloggers from… well, around the world. Please do me a favor and recommend some of your favorite blogs below! Today’s feature is Xiaxue, or Wendy Cheng, from Singapore.

Xiaxue Wendy
Xiaxue poses with her pet bunny. (photo from

Xiaxue is probably the most popular blogger in Singapore. Her blog is thoroughly entertaining, but not completely enlightening. She is extremely honest, but also abrasive, rude, insulting and vain. Despite all of that, her blatant bitchiness and bluntness keeps me coming back for more. She is completely uncensored. Reading her blog is kind of like a guilty pleasure. Her blog contains mostly beautifully photoshopped pictures of herself in addition to a lot of crude observations and angry rants. I love her honesty – but I don’t and can never love her. Being the honest person that she is, she can be very quick to attack anyone for saying or doing anything that she finds unpleasant. She is also very defensive whenever she is criticized. She is totally hypocritical in that sense. As she admits to all her faults, however, I somehow learn to accept them. I still cringe when she berates someone for something very small (that she would do or probably have done before). Still, I have been a silent reader of her works for many years and continue to check out her blog every now and again.

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  • – Stephanie Aurora Clark from USA, a survivor of a plane crash with 80% of her body burned, she went go to live her life inspiring people all over the world. – Kelle Hampton a mom from USA who gave birth to a beautiful daughter with Down Syndrome. Her love and strength and amazing photography transform the perspective you might have for people with Down Syndrome. – Karen Cheng from Australia is witty, loves fashion as crazily as she loves her three Aussie/Chinese sons.

    My recommendations are ANYTIME MUCH BETTER THAN XIAXUE LOR!

  • I absolutely cannot read Xiaxue's blog…or her youtube channel. She is an absolutely horrible person and I really can't find enjoyment in her attacking others.

  • haha i love and dislike her. i love her cause her blog is entertaining yet i dislike her cause of the facts you just stated. i personally prefer dawn yang because she focuses on herself.. unlike xiaxue who focuses on other people and puts them on blast on her blog.. but its entertaining. lmao.

    • Um actually Dawn started it when she called XX plastic (which XX is very open about her sugery) and then XX said the same about Dawn. However, Dawn has obviously had surgery. I am not a Dawn hater or anything nor do I like her. I'm just stating the facts based on the before and after pix. Also Dawn had ads on her blog linked to scam shops. and I don't think they were ever ever friends.

      Personally I love XX's blog. She points out a lot of things that we probably think in our minds but never dare to speak out loud. . When she "attacks" people they usually post really dumb and absurd comments and it's kind of amusing.

    • Whoops, forgot to mention that when XX called Dawn out for having plastic surgery, Dawn claimed XX was lying and that she was "all natural". Sorry but if you look at her you can obviously tell her features are quite unnatural. I think Dawn is pretty but I lost a lot of respect for her for lying like that.

    • There will always be ppl mindlessly defending XX no matter what she does or says. She can do no wrong? I am no Dawn fan, but I objectively think XX is just as wrong as Dawn if not worse for actually initiating it. (If she doesn't like Dawn, just ignore her or tell her off TO HER FACE rather than writing about it and getting sympathy and blog hits.) Sorry, but it's what anyone who isn't a mindless XX fan would think.