Around the World Blogging: Singapore’s Xiaxue

I’m writing an Around the World Blogging series in which I feature influential bloggers from… well, around the world. Please do me a favor and recommend some of your favorite blogs below! Today’s feature is Xiaxue, or Wendy Cheng, from Singapore.

Xiaxue Wendy
Xiaxue poses with her pet bunny. (photo from

Xiaxue is probably the most popular blogger in Singapore. Her blog is thoroughly entertaining, but not completely enlightening. She is extremely honest, but also abrasive, rude, insulting and vain. Despite all of that, her blatant bitchiness and bluntness keeps me coming back for more. She is completely uncensored. Reading her blog is kind of like a guilty pleasure. Her blog contains mostly beautifully photoshopped pictures of herself in addition to a lot of crude observations and angry rants. I love her honesty – but I don’t and can never love her. Being the honest person that she is, she can be very quick to attack anyone for saying or doing anything that she finds unpleasant. She is also very defensive whenever she is criticized. She is totally hypocritical in that sense. As she admits to all her faults, however, I somehow learn to accept them. I still cringe when she berates someone for something very small (that she would do or probably have done before). Still, I have been a silent reader of her works for many years and continue to check out her blog every now and again.