Can We Take a Peek Inside Your Makeup Bag?

Can We Take a Peek Inside Your Makeup Bag?


I stored my makeup in various boxes, train cases, and bags. Needless to say, traveling was quite messy. If space permitted, I would carry my two makeup bags and a brush roll. Otherwise, I stuffed everything, brushes included into my VS makeup bag and kept my smaller items in the Nvey bag. It was a little troublesome carrying my makeup and brushes in various cases, but it was a whole lot better than digging through a giant, endless makeup bag.

The travel bag I try to stuff most of my makeup in. I always keep with me multiple foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, brushes, etc. You never know what you’ll need.
The mini travel bag that accompanies the main travel bag – because how else would I be able to find one lipstick in the sea of makeup?
My makeup storage is sporadic and a bit of a mess. I shift things around to suit my travel needs.


Behold, the Hold Me makeup bag! Brushes are stored safely in the bag and the makeup are spread out neatly. No more digging through eyeliners and blushes to find one single gloss. Everything is out in the open in this cute and organized case. The best part is that the bag is compact and can lie very flat – or you can stuff it until it becomes completely full. The tie that holds it together is genius. The versatility of this bag is endless.

Everything fits nicely in the Hold Me Bag. No more carrying an extra bag or brush roll around. I keep some minerals and wipes on the side pocket for convenience. Brushes or small liners have their own slots as well.
I like to carry most of my makeup with me on trips. Just toss everything in there, zip up and go.
Sleek case with a wrap-a-round tie that was inspired by a vintage schoolgirl’s book-bag.

The Hold Me Bag is sold on holdmecompany.comfor $95, which despite its great design and quality, is still quite expensive. That said, this bag will be of excellent use for makeup enthusiasts. It is made of sturdy Knew Suede, which not only feels luxurious, but is super easy to wipe clean. I spilled my mineral makeup all over the bag and was able to wipe it all away using just my hands. In my opinion, it is much better to invest in the Hold Me Bag than getting several small makeup bags or train cases. And if you really want a Hold Me bag but refuse to shell out $95, you can grab the Les Fleurs pattern one, which is currently on sale for $55.

What does the inside of your makeup bag look like? Please share!


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