Giveaway Winners!

Giveaway Winners!

There were a lot of entries to sort through but I finally have three winners drawn via Congratulations girls! Check your emails & I hope you like your prizes!

The winner of the Sigma Brush Giveaway is:
F80 Brush: Carrie from This Free Bird (carrie**** [Blog]

The winners of the Sephora Gift Cards Giveaway are:
$40 Gift Card: Lisa Batel (heartlis******
$10 Gift Certificate: Amy Trankiem (amy******** [Blog]

I am also going to link the winners’ site here if they have one so we can spread the joy! (Winners with blogs, please tell me your url so I can link you.)

Haven’t won yet? You still have a chance to win a $29.99 credit to JewelMint!


Random picture of delicious avocado sushi I had for lunch. =)

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