Madewell: personal and casual fashion

It still surprises me when I tell people about Madewell, my favorite brand, and am met with blank stares. Better known as JCrew's sister store, Madewell is less known, but in my opinion, far superior in style.

Less polished... more personal

What makes Madewell so special? “Even though it’s a mass brand, the pieces feel unique,” said Jodi Sweetbaum, president and managing director of the agency Lloyd & Co. “While less polished and finished [than it's J.Crew sister], it’s more personal. And in a time when off-duty [style] is a bit more universal than it’s ever been, this works well.”

The denim is casual, but literally made well. “It’s really important for us — not only with the product, but the way our stores look, the way our Instagram looks — just to keep a common thread of this lifestyle image that I have in my head, and that I think is in our team’s head,” said Somsack Sikhounmuong, Madewell's creative director of nearly two years. “The pieces themselves are not overly designed. It’s about finding that little bit of fashion so that it doesn’t run too basic.”

Madewell is personal and casual fashion without ever being just basic. If you haven't checked out their stuff, consider this a public service announcement. Check out Madewell, look into their  promotions, and remember that students and teachers always get 15% off in store.

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