Sigma Structural Lashes™ Mascara Release Peek

Sigma Beauty's makeup line is expanding rapidly. The latest release of 2015 is the Sigma Structural Lashes™, a mascara collection that is due to be released to the public on August 17th, 2015. We have been very pleased with Sigma's makeup and accessories line this year and can't wait to try and review this Sigma Structural Lashes mascara collection.

Sigma Beauty Mascara Collection

The Sigma Structural Lashes mascara collection boasts a smudge-free, flake and water resistant 13-hour wear accompanied by nourishing vitamin B5.

Looking for a sneak peak? According to various beauty gurus and makeupstore, the three Sigma mascaras that will be released may include the Sinuosity Lash, High Caliber Lash, and Monumental Lash. More updates such as prices, reviews, and swatches will be updated as they become available.

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  1. I am so excited for this sigma collection! I've seen some of the photos and previews on tumblr and instagram... wish they would just release it sooner. The eyelashes look really bomb and long!

  2. This is cool that they are coming out with a mascara!

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