5 Daily Items and Habits that Stain Your Teeth

Cigarettes and coffee are the common teeth staining agents that we encounter, but what other avoidable culprits are there?

Coffee and other things that will stain your teeth yellow

Tea, red wine, and many caffeinated drinks will stain your teeth. The acidity in these beverages can also damage your enamel, so beware and brush often if you are going to indulge.

Medications such as common allergy antihistamines or blood pressure medications can stain your teeth. Don't stop taking your medications out of concern though, this is minimal and not likely to have any major effect. Your health is a lot more important!

Berries are great for your health and come with lots of antioxidants - but beware of the pigments that can stain teeth. Apples, bananas, pears, and the lighter colored fruits will less likely stain your teeth.

City tap water is abundant in fluoride and minerals, which may act to protect the teeth - but may also produce spots and discoloration in some uses.

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